2017 - Year in Review

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The year 2017, for me and for Ashtown Creations, was definitely a year of 'Firsts'.  My first items made, listings, sales, designs, use of tools, etc. Here are just some of the 'Firsts' that happened this year.

First Time Making a Wallet

My son was using a man's wallet, which my husband had given him, that was only designed to hold bills and cards, for all of his money, including coins.  As you can imagine, it didn't work very well and he kept dropping coins all over the place.  So I found my first online pattern and proceeded to make him his first 'real' wallet.

First Listing on Etsy
Carly PouchesEven though I had started my Etsy store in December of 2016, I didn't actually list anything until March 2017.  My first items were two of my Carly pouches - although they were not named that when listed.  


First Sales Ever!

My very first sale was to a friend that wanted an extra large version of my Aava Bag in a Canada Day fabric that I had used on a set of Carly Pouches shown in a photo I posted on Facebook/Instagram.

My first sale to family was a small version of my Aava Bag in Peach polka dots.

My first sale to a stranger (woo hoo! - doing a happy dance) happened a few weeks before Christmas to someone located internationally - funny enough, it was not my first shipment of my product internationally.  He purchased one of my Bi-fold Wallets.  This was also my first sale on Etsy!

First Time Purchasing Handbag Patterns & Using Them

The first couple of times I purchased patterns I was actually nervous.  I know, silly to be nervous about buying patterns!  Especially since I had bought a number of clothing patterns years ago, that I have never actually used. 

This is a little different - the patterns that you purchase online now are in .PDF format and you need to print out your own pattern pieces - instead of having the pieces already printed on tissue paper, like the ones I had purchased in a store many years ago.

And, yes, I have made my first version of several of these patterns and have plans for several more in 2018.

First Time Designing a Bag

I think this is one of the most exciting 'firsts' this year.  It started with me asking my Mother-in-law what she would like me to make her for Christmas and her saying "This" as she handed me her current toiletry bag.  Ok, well, I don't have a pattern for it and I hadn't seen one in the many patterns that I had found online. So, I designed and made one - two actually because I made a prototype first - based on her requirements. I will leave the details for another post.  The picture is of the new bag I made for her.


I'm feeling blessed to have had such an exciting year in 2017. I am looking forward to all the good things that 2018 will bring!

Wishing everyone a very happy and exciting New Year!

Happy New Year!



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