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I'm not used to blogging, so I will keep this one short :)

Welcome to the new Ashtown Creations site!  As you can see I'm still in the process of setting up shop.  This is my part-time hobby, maybe someday it will become my full-time gig, but until then it has to share my precious time with a full-time job and family.  

My current vision for this site is to enhance the listings of the products that are currently available in my Etsy shop.  Provide more pictures of the finished products and more information about them.  Having said that, Etsy is pretty thorough, so this may be a challenging task.  

I would also like to make other items available that will not be in my Etsy shop.  Things like my prototypes/first attempts that may not be suitable to sell on Etsy, but may be of interest to you.  

And finally, my current vision for the blog is a place to show the process behind the products. Give you a little insight as to how I make the various products and a glimpse into my work area.  This will help me work on my photography skills too :D.

Anyway, have a look around!  I hope you like what you see.



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